25. apr. 2020
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  • How do you said this is scriber and how to turn into a lobster so he didn’t subscribe

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  • James his suit is hilarious 😂 I love it

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  • Mom

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  • I like how the way unspeakable cry when James say Hey becurfule kid befor i butter you up

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  • Gabe it’s me

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  • Vfgshdhfrgrr

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  • Next fill your house with Minecraft stuff and decorations

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  • It looks so cool

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  • I’m by there on the shelf one I didn’t even like because I kind of I’m sorry I didn’t get to you yesterday because I had to go to the park

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  • Jams costume😂😂

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  • Unspabsl

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  • I had Covid but I’m fine now

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  • I thought he said it was red it’s grey and it says subscribed, weird

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  • 16:18 when it was unspeakables turn the palm tree helped unspeakable to win like if you agree V

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  • I did you weirdos oh and I love you guises channel🥰😍😘🤩

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  • I love your video s your next video should be akshaly bild a time traveling mushyn

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  • i really like watching these gameboard challenges

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  • Gabe cheated by when they were by the kitchen he was on red and then moved on green

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  • Hi

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  • Unspeakable can you fill your house with slime

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    • I'm your biggest fan you welcome on speakable SLworldsr aka Nathan please don't get mad on speakable

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  • I love you videos and you

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    • Charlie's birthday is to day I live in this world and I love the idea of the people who are in the same place as they were in the last few months and they

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  • Dose any one play among us THEN LIKE THIS VEDIO!!!!!

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  • How do you even get rid of all the sand? Lol

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  • Atenção: Não caia na casas Pretas, é porque não é bom.

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  • ✌️1:00

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  • I did like it !

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  • Bruh this is at 4.4M?? He legit put sand in house why isn’t there 10M

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  • nice unpeakable wins

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  • Good

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  • Yeah but I’m not tryna was the last night that I got pulled up and I

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  • Hello my name is Ava and one of your brand new watches Jacoby one of the first and last times I get the show you who I am. Making 24-hour videos

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  • I like you

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  • What does black do

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  • Woo hoo unspeakable OneI’m so happy

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  • I’m sorry shaky

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  • You don't have to do this again you have a beach in your new home

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  • Lobsters don't breath to sand they breath to water and land

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  • I'm eating a 🦞 lobster now

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  • Urur Dududue6eeyeuee7e7 6rr6ru0 Yryryr be there 676rye Hurry I didn't Nathan 😂 766r7rur0 Rue and 6e6r Ryrye

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  • Then gabe got one

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  • Lol unspeakable You was so mad 😂🤣 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 you got a black space and then you got another black space

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  • Hey uncrabable

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  • Black is color it's just a dark 1

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  • You post a cool content and you are my favorite youtuber

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  • Do a challenge with water

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  • I am a big fan of yours and i love to see if you could see more of water

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  • The subscribe button is red you want to make it gray

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  • Man you need to go to the beach

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  • Unspeakable you win

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  • Hi I'm Amelia and I love your SLworlds CHANNEL so much you are the best and you are so funny can you please give me a shout out 😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑😜😜😜

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  • 13:12: now who is the cheater now James and Gabe???

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  • oiwwiiwkiwqkkwqqqqqq

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  • What’s unspeakables real name or is his real name actually unspeakable

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  • How did u clean it

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  • This video makes me more energetic!

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  • Wait if the sand is there then where is Simon and simba

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  • I like yr vtos😳😛

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  • I have just subscribed

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  • This is how many times Gabe gets punished

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  • That day im goin to the beach and its so fun :3

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  • how did this video only get 152k likes and 2.6k dislikes.

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  • That's a 🦀

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  • I literally missed the beach at 0:03

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  • In

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  • Unspeakable went to a new house because there was sand in that other house

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  • Cup

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  • Is videos pretty weird because Gabe is the shark eat a lobster

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  • Yo what up

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  • James I’m gonna eat your magazine

    • What

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  • Gabe gabe james unspeakable unspeakable gabe. get the pattern

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  • Unspeakable: I AM THE GAMEBOARD CHAMP!! Me: how does he do in a real game?

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  • Hi unspeakable

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